Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet

Lemon Sponge Cake brings new concepts and realities to the field of dance and its audiences, via the performance of new work, new choreography. Internationally recognized choreographer Robert Sher-Machherndl integrates ballet technique with contemporary movement to become a powerful vehicle to depict modern life. The results are strikingly imaginative, intensely emotional, thought provoking and distinctly progressive.

Lemon Sponge Cake performs in the United States and Europe. Its received outstanding critical-acclaim nationally and internationally, noted for its signature choreography, uncompromising artistic vision and highly-skilled performers and collaborators. Lemon Sponge Cake is based in Boulder CO.


Lemon Sponge Cake’s ballet classes and trainings are noted nationally and internationally for inspiring and re-energizing dancers from beginner, intermediate to professional levels. Experience our energetic nature and musicality-infused teachings. Based in a technically precise classical tradition, our dance classes possess a distinctly up-to-date dynamic flow.



With international caliber dance education at its core, Lemon Sponge Cake acts as a training ground for the next generation of dancers. We offer a wide variety of workshops for student to professional dancers. Our winter and summer ballet intensives are designed to cultivate well-trained, imaginative, self-disciplined, creative, expressive and confident individuals.



Check out our events page for exciting upcoming performances and events. During the time of Covid-19, we have a selection of programs being presented on virtual platforms. Here you will be able to make reservations or buy tickets too!



  • “Another stunner, rush, I had figured was the work of a forsythe disciple, like maybe Helen Pickett, who loves to ricochet between deconstructed épaulement and the ballet vocabulary itself. Wrong again. It was made by Robert Sher-Macherndl for the Dominican University Lines Ballet BFA program. How did i feel? Like I discovered a new program and a new choreographer.”

    Wendy Perron
  • “Austrian-born dancer and choreographer Robert Sher-Machherndl is everything an artist should be: a fiercely creative, self-confident individual who exploits familiar forms for his own devices, a visionary who forces us to look at the human body in strangely appealing new ways, and a dancer who makes the rigorous and punishing seem at once effortless and alien.”

    The Denver Post
  • “Mr. Sher-Machherndl, a former principal dancer with the Dutch National Ballet and Bavarian State Ballet, is choreographer to watch for”

    The New York Times
  • “I felt uncomfortable, as if Sher-Macherndl had played puppet master pulling my strings, just as he lowered the outstretched arm of Shoaf during the dance, she would reach up he would walk in circles around her and lower her arm, this too was repeated over and over and at one point he even appears to pull her foot out from under her causing her to collapse. I had been manipulated, but I had been a willing party to that manipulation. It was sublime.”

    Adobe Airstream Media
  • “What a mesmerizing conjunction of extremes, choreography by Robert Sher-Machherndl, majestic performance by Rachel Viselli, principal dancer of San Francisco ballet. Hard to resist the charm and summery grace of the Chautauqua setting coupled with brilliant dance. Worth repeating: brilliant dance.”

    Elephant Magazine
  • “Funny, dark and provocative, ‘trust’ was a highlight of the program”

    The New York Times