Private Coaching

Internationally renowned dancer & choreographer Robert Sher-Machherndl offers private coaching and personalized tuition for young dancers interested in a professional career or for personal advancement. Robert identifies and addresses individual the needs of the dancer allowing them to excel quickly and move efficiently to the next level. He uses up-to-date injury preventive techniques and retrains bad habits. Robert infuses the dancer with musicality, movement and generously shares his enriching contemporary choreography.

Intensive private coaching with Robert has resulted in student placement at Juilliard School, Alvin Ailey School, Tisch School of the Arts, School of American Ballet, Lines Ballet BFA & Training Program and Rock School for Dance Education.

Youth America Grand Prix

Robert creates one of a kind contemporary ballet solos for dancers interested in competing in the Youth America Grand Prix. The serious student who trains toward a goal, via either classical repertoire or contemporary choreography, is positioned to improve their ballet technique and greatly develop their dance performance quality. Creating and setting world-class choreography on students have allowed many receive top 12 placement at the YAGP Finals in New York and Paris. Give your self this unique opportunity and proven competitive edge by training with Robert!

Contact us when you are ready to push beyond your preconceived notions, find your own artistic voice and compete to win your place in the broad professional dance industry.


“I am passionate about training and educating young people in the field of dance. As a facilitator, I help young people become individual artists in their own right, to express their unique voice, to contribute in making the world a better place.” ROBERT SHER-MACHHERNDL